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Wellness Retreats

Dimensions Health Centres

Dimensions is focused on developing psychedelic inspired retreats, starting with its flagship property in Maple Lake, Ontario. Origin invested in Dimension’s initial seed round and provided guidance on its real estate financing initiatives. Dimensions is currently raising $12.5M in its Series A round, representing a 3x unrealized return on Origin’s initial investment.

Media & Entertainment


Microdose is a psychedelic industry-focused media company that distributes and creates compelling content, financial analysis, engaging events, and groundbreaking education to drive the psychedelics industry to the forefront of modern medicine. Origin provided seed capital to Microdose.

Medical Clinics


TripSitteris a oral ketamine treatment program delivered online by licensed physicians. TripSitter’sprogram provides deep and sustained relief for both mild and severe depression, anxiety, and trauma-related mental health conditions.


Xpira Pharmaceuticals

Xpira is focused on the development, production, and marketing of psychedelic-based products, as legally permitted, with clinically proven efficacy. Xpira’steam was formed by leaders in the Canadian and Dutch pharmaceutical industries with proven track records and a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical development pathways to bring drug candidates to market. 


Ocean Bio

Ocean is an early-stage drug discovery company that is focused on the design of novel psychedelic therapeutics (as compared to using traditional psychedelics, such as psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, etc.). Ocean’s mission is to develop novel CNS drugs, as legally permitted, that may have desirable therapeutic applications, while minimizing possible negative side effects that are otherwise associated with traditional psychedelics.


Clairvoyant Therapeutics

Clairvoyant is a Canadian biotechnology company changing the face of psychedelic therapy with a speed-to-market clinical strategy designed to enable psilocybin therapy in the E.U., the U.K., and Canada to treat patients living with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) beginning in 2026.

Learn more at www.clairvoyantrx.com.

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