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There’s a bright future in

psychedelic therapeutic treatments.

Supported by science, we see the opportunity to support innovators as they bring these new psychedelic treatments to market.

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A Global Psychedelic-Focused Investment Opportunity

Origin Therapeutics is an actively-managed investment issuer providing investors with a diverse exposure to the psychedelic industry.

Our Approach

A robust strategy guided by HEAL principles.



The industry developing now has the potential for more than just profitable investments: it’s a way to further treatment in mental health. We’re investing in a diverse portfolio with one commonality: the betterment of all of us.



Knowing the market, is winning the market. Our in-house expertise and relationships with industry specialists allows us to make decisions from a position of strength.



Brokering partnerships with key players gives us VIP access to exclusive opportunities not available to the public.



The most important asset we have is our team. This powerhouse group brings the insight, analysis, and executive skill backed by decades of successful multi-billion dollar projects.

Our Investment Strategy

We focus on companies with an exemplary management team and exponential growth profile.